Travelling as a couple – why experiencing new places together is so important

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They say that couples “…. who travel together, stay together” and I believe this to be true! Lorna and I love to take trips, explore new countries and share experiences. I believe it’s made our relationship stronger.

When we married, it was not the first time for either of us; in the past I had often spent long periods of time away from partner and family in order to make a success of my business. I know from first-hand experience that this is not good for a relationship’s success or longevity.

Lorna and I in Paris

Lorna and I on a trip to Paris

Lorna and I have made a concerted effort to spend most of our leisure time together. During trips to our place in the South of France, we enjoy walking, swimming and relaxing together.

We relish exploring new places too; there’s nothing like finding a little local restaurant where you can share a romantic dinner together, browsing a craft market for a trinket from your trip or meeting colourful local characters.

And, it’s not just about wanting to be together because it’s more fun; it’s about creating memories that will last a lifetime. It’s very rare that we don’t travel together, Lorna went solo to New York last year for our son Guy’s wedding (I couldn’t go unfortunately for various reasons) and it was very upsetting not to go with her and miss out on this important event.

Aside from that time, Lorna and I really do travel just about everywhere together. Not only do we genuinely enjoy each other’s company, even after all these years, but it’s nice to do things as a couple to create those shared experiences. Otherwise you end up saying, “Remember when …” And that’s the end of the conversation.

It’s so much nicer to reminisce with your significant other about these special times. We have similar travelling styles too; we don’t like doing EVERTHING together (it’s good to have some separate interests) but we do like doing a lot of the same things like hiking, skiing, playing tennis and exploring the sights. Luckily, we both like to rise early as well so we get to make the most of the day!