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Step up to success

A few weeks ago I talked about the traits that I think every entrepreneur shares. I had some interesting and uplifting responses from you and it got me thinking about other key components to success. So I’ve put together my top six things that I know from experience make a big difference to success levels if you practise them regularly. I know it’s a little early for making New Year’s resolutions, but practising any of these more in 2016 will definitely give you a life advantage – so which one will you be focusing on this coming year? I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave me a comment or tweet me.

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Educate to prosper…

As the Greek crisis continues, so does discussion over the dangers of ‘easy money’ and what happens when you put its power in the wrong hands. Greece may be the most high-profile case of this at the moment, but it’s worth nothing that it is far from the only example.

Foreign development aid is another case to consider, especially in terms of Africa. The continent is more dependent on foreign aid than any other and in most instances has had little choice about whether to accept it or not. A lot of ‘first world’ countries feel that they are helping by throwing money at it, but while it may salve colonial consciences, in truth it works against Africa’s best interests.

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Good health: Be the best you can for your age


Everyone wants to grow old with a healthy body and a healthy mind. I think the only way to do that is to keep exercising both of these things. For the mind, always striving to learn new things – whether by reading, talking to all different kinds of people, watching television, films and documentaries, taking courses etc. – keeps it active and doesn’t give it the chance to slow down. The same goes for physical exercise. Maintaining a fitness routine as you age means your body doesn’t get the opportunity to shrivel up. Continue reading