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Reading the market

I love to read – I think it is one of life’s great pleasures, although despite that I still don’t get quite as much time as I’d like to plough into my books. As such, I am always interested in refining my to-read list, to get maximum value out of my reading time. This year one of my resolutions is to read at least one book a month – and many of those will be business books.

I think it’s incredibly important to keep alert to new trends, new ways of thinking and new ideas that can help evolve your business and its market impact – not to mention your own growth as an entrepreneur and a businessperson. Especially when the nature of business is changing so quickly – and in such exciting ways.

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African dreams

As a South African by birth I have a great attachment to my home country. I don’t think I am being biased to say it has stunning scenery, wonderful weather, interesting cities and great food and wine. South Africa, and in fact, Africa in general, is, in my opinion, only just really beginning to fulfil its potential in tourism. So I am always really interested to read about people’s experiences there. This week I have been doing a little wish list compilation on places to go and things to see and do on the continent on some of my favourite travel blogs. If you need inspiration to visit, then one of my top five posts will definitely get you booking your ticket to explore.

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Stephen Sutton – An inspirational young man

Stephen Sutton – An inspirational young man

I just heard that Stephen Sutton has unfortunately passed away today after three years suffering from terminal cancer. I have endured cancer myself and both myself and Lorna have been touched and inspired by Stephen’s story.

Although it’s terribly sad that Stephen has passed away he did achieve some truly incredible things in his life that should be celebrated. His parents must be so extremely proud of him as well as completely heartbroken.

One thing I have noted when reading about Stephen’s fight with terminal cancer is his positive outlook. Instead of dwelling on the adversity he and his family faced he put together a ‘bucket list’ of things to achieve before he passed. Stephen surpassed all expectations, including his own, and has raised an incredible amount of money.

Whilst attempting to fulfill each wish on his bucket list, including crowd surfing in a rubber dingy and skydiving, Stephen’s main priority was to raise a target of £10,000 for The Teenage Cancer Trust. After posting what he thought would be his final ‘selfie’ and an emotional farewell on social media Stephen captured the heart of the public. Stephen’s story caught the eye of numerous well-known and influential figures such as Russell brand, Ricky Gervais, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy Carr. With the help of these celebrities Stephen swiftly exceeded his target and then some. To this day Stephen has raised over £3.4million and the money is still coming in.

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Certain people MAKE you want to make a difference

I’ve been reading through the health pages of the news lately and I just came across an article on The Independent about an initiative called Project Daniel, which was started by an American entrepreneur, Mick Ebeling, in November 2013.

With the civil war in South Sudan escalating, media coverage on the issue has increased. While a lot of people probably skip through these articles, some people are particularly struck by them. This is what happened to Ebeling. Continue reading