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Food for thought

We’re leaving the slopes and returning to the UK soon from Val Thorens for a few days to celebrate Christmas with our “UK children” – and one of the things we’ll do, like everyone else, is enjoy some family time over a good meal.

I love to eat well and I think food is one of life’s great pleasures. I really enjoy eating dishes that are made with lots of fresh, organic, locally sourced foods, as I really think the way that food is produced is of the utmost importance when it comes to nutrition – and taste. What we put into our bodies is so important to our health and well-being, and I totally agree with Hippocrates, who said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Continue reading

The 5 best restaurants in Val Thorens

Val Thorens is really an alpine resort for people who love food. The skiing is fantastic, the scenery is remarkable and the atmosphere is extremely friendly, but it’s the restaurants that really make it stand out from other resorts in the French Alps.


With about 60 restaurants across the Three Valleys, there’s plenty of variation, but Lorna and I have a particular taste for French cuisine (which there’s plenty of), so we tend to stick to that a lot. We’re in France after all!

Since our apartment in Val Thorens was finished late last year, we’ve been spending a lot of time here just enjoying it. So, we’ve also had time to dine out at a lot of different restaurants of late. If you’re interested, I’ve come up with my top five places to eat in Val Thorens. Next time you’re there, book a table at one of these! Continue reading

Restaurants in Beaulieu and Villefranche, South of France

My favourite restaurants in the South of France

So, it was too good to be true after all – it’s now pouring down with rain in Buckinghamshire! I have to say that Lorna and I aren’t feeling too down about the weather today as it is quite cosy to sit inside with a cup of tea and watch the rain pour outside. However, that’s not to say that we’re planning on sticking around. We’re now planning our next trip to the South of France and we can’t wait. We’ve been working hard on selling the house and doing up the new house recently so we think it’s time for a little break.

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Why Anguilla is my favourite Caribbean Island

I have been quoted in a few recent interviews saying that Brits should go to Anguilla. And it’s true. Anguilla really is one of the most mesmerizingly beautiful places I’ve ever been.

I’m a little worried that since everyone’s now been made aware of what Anguilla has to offer that hoards of people will now flock there! But, it really is such an amazing holiday destination that I can’t pretend that I don’t enjoy going there and stop recommending it to people.

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