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Happy new year!

I love new year – the symbolic idea of a blank slate to build on is very appealing to me and new years give us time to re-evaluate what has been working in our lives, what has perhaps not been working quite so well and where we can add in some new challenges and enrichment. New year’s resolutions are a great way to focus the mind. I don’t mean the clichéd, half-hearted ones that always seemed based in negativity (“start a diet to lose 40lbs” which ends up as “eat a whole cake the next day” or “take up jogging” followed by “give up jogging a few days later” etc.) – but the ones that take unique stock of where you are in life and what you want more of (not less of!).

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Oh the snow outside is…delightful


Winter is always welcome to me – mainly because it means I can indulge in skiing, one of my big sporting passions. I am a big believer that exercise keeps you young and strong. Age is no barrier to being physically active – in fact, I’d say that you can’t stop exercising when you’re older, just because perhaps you’re not as good at it as you once were, and expect to keep strong and fit. Keeping active keeps your body working at its best and keeps your mind sharp. When you accept that exercise brings a plethora of health benefits, such as increased bone density, reduced blood pressure, increased muscular strength and power, and improved balance, it seems obvious that we should make the time to move our bodies.

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Nature and exercise: the antidote for an increasingly unhealthy society


As many of you know fitness and travel are two of my great passions, so I was interested to read a recent article in The Guardian by writer Hope Whitmore about how hill walking and enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors has helped her to combat an auto-immune disease.

Hope, despite having severe rheumatoid arthritis and Sjögren’s syndrome, recently relocated from fast-paced London back to her homeland of Scotland, finding a small cottage at the foot of the Pentlands to live in. Continue reading

Good health: Be the best you can for your age


Everyone wants to grow old with a healthy body and a healthy mind. I think the only way to do that is to keep exercising both of these things. For the mind, always striving to learn new things – whether by reading, talking to all different kinds of people, watching television, films and documentaries, taking courses etc. – keeps it active and doesn’t give it the chance to slow down. The same goes for physical exercise. Maintaining a fitness routine as you age means your body doesn’t get the opportunity to shrivel up. Continue reading