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Oh the snow outside is…delightful


Winter is always welcome to me – mainly because it means I can indulge in skiing, one of my big sporting passions. I am a big believer that exercise keeps you young and strong. Age is no barrier to being physically active – in fact, I’d say that you can’t stop exercising when you’re older, just because perhaps you’re not as good at it as you once were, and expect to keep strong and fit. Keeping active keeps your body working at its best and keeps your mind sharp. When you accept that exercise brings a plethora of health benefits, such as increased bone density, reduced blood pressure, increased muscular strength and power, and improved balance, it seems obvious that we should make the time to move our bodies.

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The Golden Age…

norman peires golden age One of the ways that getting older impacts, and I have noticed this a lot, is wondering whether you are at the ‘right’ point in your life for your age. People seem to gauge how far they have progressed, whether in their career or in their personal life, through age markers. I see it in my own children as they compare where they’re at with everyone else. Continue reading

Thinking about our next charity adventure

If you’ve read my previous blog post about the Help for Heroes rally you will know it was rather traumatic! Since then we’ve recovered and Lorna and I are ready for our next big charity adventure.

At present we’re thinking of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, because the physical training is great and we love to keep active. When we finished the Sahara trek we felt flat. We came home and we were like “oh what now?” because for a few months leading up to that event wherever we went we were doing hours of walking each day in preparation. Even when we were on holiday on the Greek island of Mykonos we were doing 8 hours of walking a day to try and prepare. We kept saying it’s just footsteps! Never mind where you go just get the footsteps in and it will make all the difference.

Norman Peires and Lorna Peires before the rally

Norman Peires

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