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See below for a selection of articles about Norman Peires that have appeared in the press over the past few years. This catalogues his travel related pieces as well as various other topics such as charity giving and life views.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 08.57.13Norman Peires’ Tips for Finding Peace on the French Riviera

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 09.01.36Norman Peires doesn’t let colon cancer get in his way: Living Life to the Fullest

TripWolf-logoNorman Peires’ Top Cape Town Tips

Breaking Travel NewsNorman Peires on the Evolution of Cape TownThe Global DispatchNorman Peires’ Top European Destinations for Summer 2015 | The Global Dispatch

Norman Peires’ Perfect 24 hours in Sydney | Australian Times

Norman Peires on modern marriage: The new normal

The ageing crisis: Norman Peires shows the benefits of exercise

Breaking the taboo, raising awareness: Norman Peires talks honestly about colon cancer

Norman Peires and James Caan support young entrepreneurs

Norman Peires talks cancer, family and his passion for Mali

Norman Peires is an entrepreneur at heart: is it genetics, politics or education?

Norman Peires loves to braai: Barbecues from around the world

PureTravel_logoNorman Peires tells how celebrities pack their suitcases when going on holiday

Norman Peires: South African, businessman, loving father and cancer survivor


Norman Peires is one of the wealthy ones giving to charity

Norman Peires found entrepreneurial success after leaving South Africa

Norman Peires: international entrepreneur passing on business sense to his children

Newry_Democrat_logo Norman Peires knows the importance of food and family

Successful marriages: Norman Peires tells his secret

What do Rod Stewart and Norman Peires know about marriage?

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month: Norman Peires shares his story

The Caribbean’s quiet corners: Norman Peires finds untouched beauty

The entrepreneurship gene: Norman Peires and passing on success

Is vigorous activity the secret to longevity? Norman Peires lives by this

Food for all the family: Getting the family together at meal times with tips from Norman Peires

Norman Peires gives his children work advice but he does not just give them a job

Norman Peires on growing old gracefully

Norman Peires and the islands you’ll never want to leave

Norman Peires lives a fulfilled life his own way: healthy lifestyle, healthy attitude

Norman Peires on passing down entrepreneurial success

Norman Peires gives to a charity he believes in, but some are more honest than others

Norman Peires’s favourite holiday spot of all time

Norman Peires thinks Brits should go to Anguilla

Norman Peires: family first, business second

Norman Peires has found a charity he wants to give to, but the UK has weak giving culture

Norman Peires explores the world’s most remove pieces of paradise

Norman Peires and Donald Trump show genes mean business for entrepreneurs

Norman Peires on South African Braai, and Japan’s chopstick etiquette; global table manners

How Norman Peires does it; living a long and healthy life

Norman Peires doesn’t let colon cancer get in his way: Living life to the fullest

Norman Peires, Mel B and Jade Jagger know where to go: Celebrity travel inspiration

Norman Peires, Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon know how to make your relationship last

Norman Peires, Rod Stewart, they’re all doing it; is it okay to marry more than once?

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month: Norman Peires shares his story

Help for Heroes continues to thrive: Norman Peires shows his support

Travel trends for 2013: Norman Peires hints at St Barts

Does Norman Peires know how the secret to marriage success?