Happy Valentine’s Day

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Lorna and Norman

I’m not a huge advocate of Valentine’s Day. I do think it’s nice to show your partner or loved one that you care, but it’s the idea that just one day of the year is dedicated to it that is the part I really don’t like. Surely random gestures to show you appreciate your partner are valued more than giving a gift on the one day of the year we’re all told to.

I like to think I show Lorna how much I appreciate her more than once a year!

But, in saying that Lorna and I have still arranged a nice evening together. Although, we’re currently on holidays together in the French Alps, so we were always going to be together anyway.

We spent most of the day skiing, stopped for a bit of lunch in the middle and then wandered back to our apartment where we’ve just been relaxing. Tonight we’re staying in and will be enjoying a home cooked meal. I’ll be doing the cooking tonight. Beef bourguignon is on the menu, seeing as we’re in France and it’s cold outside, so we felt like something hearty and warm. I just enjoy spending time with Lorna, so it doesn’t particularly matter where we are or what we’re doing. We’ve been together for a long time now, but I think I’m more in love with her than ever.

I hope all of my children are enjoying a similarly nice Valentine’s Day with their loved ones! But, really I hope they all show their partners and families they really appreciate them every day, not just today.