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Lorna and I are still in the south of France, having a great time and enjoying the gentle rhythms of beautiful Beaulieu. The weather is wonderful here; in fact it was so hot today that my phone actually stopped working – something that has never happened to me before! I believe it’s just a result of a particularly warm summer in France – the south in particular can get scorching in high season – but I know that there are others who would take this as an example of how the world as a whole is heating up.  Continue reading

Educate to prosper…

As the Greek crisis continues, so does discussion over the dangers of ‘easy money’ and what happens when you put its power in the wrong hands. Greece may be the most high-profile case of this at the moment, but it’s worth nothing that it is far from the only example.

Foreign development aid is another case to consider, especially in terms of Africa. The continent is more dependent on foreign aid than any other and in most instances has had little choice about whether to accept it or not. A lot of ‘first world’ countries feel that they are helping by throwing money at it, but while it may salve colonial consciences, in truth it works against Africa’s best interests.

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