Britain should stay in the EU

There’s been so much in the news lately about the possibility of the UK splitting from the EU, and I find it very interesting that there isn’t a clear consensus amongst the people. After Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage had their debate on TV, the BBC did a poll of over 2000 people to see who was in favour of staying in, and who was in favour of getting out. 35% said they want to stay in, 32% said they want to leave, 27% are undecided and 7% won’t even vote. I thought there would be a much bigger skew than that.

My personal feeling is that we should remain part of the EU as the benefits strongly outweigh the negatives. I don’t think that the UK would fall apart if we were to leave the EU but I do feel as though we gain a great deal from being part of it. For the individual, just the fact you have the freedom to work in and travel through the EU for as long as you please, in whichever country you wish, is a huge bonus. If you decide one day that you’d rather open a business in the south of France than the south of England, you can!

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Keeping eight grandchildren happy

Lorna and I were thinking today about what presents to get our grandchildren for their birthdays this year. As we have eight grandchildren we have to put some thought into planning presents and stay on top of when each one is!

It still amazes me how fast my grandchildren are growing and changing – and developing their personalities. The only possible downside of that is it can be hard to choose presents for them that are going to entertain them for longer than a couple of weeks. A lot of people aren’t keen on buying their children or grandchildren expensive gifts because they get bored of something so quickly. But, sometimes kids gets more out of a present you’ve invested in rather than a gift with a short life span. Continue reading

The great things about getting older

Lorna hates getting old. She says to me “I hate this whole business of aging”. And I say to her “You can’t stop it, so you have to embrace it!” Sure, I don’t particularly like it either – I do wish I was younger still – but there’s also so many advantages of getting older.

In our society, there is such an emphasis on anti-aging and defying the aging process, but what’s so bad about it, really? I think we should be welcoming it!

So, I decided to write a blog post about all the good things about getting old. Hopefully Lorna reads it! Continue reading

People are what matter most to the success of a business

There’s a lot of interesting things happening in business lately. But one that really jumps out is this idea of ‘people innovation’. It’s a trend that a lot of businesses seem to be taking on recently, and I think it’s a great approach because it goes to the very centre of business operation – your staff are your biggest asset. The happier your staff are, the more successful your business will be. Continue reading

The African travel trend


Although I no longer work in the travel industry, I still take particular interest in what’s happening in the sector. I think it’s obvious now that Africa will soon be THE place to holiday. At the moment there’s still a bit of fear surrounding travel to Africa, because much of what we hear about the continent is negative – wars, droughts, pirates etc. But, in having lived there for much of my life, and now having invested there, I think it’s one of the most beautiful, interesting, cultural and exciting continents in the world. Continue reading

The 3 big events coming up in the south of France


There are so many events happening in the South of France across spring that I’m tempted to spend the entire season down here. Our house in Beaulieu is in the midst of renovation, so we’re spending a lot of time down here overseeing the project, but we come and go rather than reside here permanently. We’ll be back in London next week actually, but hopefully it won’t be long before we head across the Channel again. Continue reading

Happy birthday Grant!

This is a special post to say happy birthday to my son Grant. Yesterday was the official day, but I’m sure he wouldn’t want me disclosing what number it was, so I’ll politely leave that out. Lorna and I are currently in France, so weren’t able to attend the celebrations, but we made sure he knew we were thinking of him by shouting a nice dinner last night. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Grant tackled 500g of rib-eye steak! From what I’ve heard, everyone enjoyed the evening (and Grant, his steak) except for Sofia, who ended up being sick at one point. A good way to steal the spotlight on her dad’s birthday! Continue reading

The trouble Africa’s mining industry is in


Africa is a rapidly developing country and has a huge supply of natural resources waiting to be tapped into. However, the continent’s mining industry doesn’t have the best reputation at the moment, and much of the news which seems to come out of about it is negative. That’s not to say it’s not warranted. Continue reading